Communion at The Vineyard

Each Sunday we receive Communion as a church community as part of our Worship time. We welcome all who come in faith in Jesus to receive Communion.

Experiencing God with Communion

How we long to encounter God! We experience God's Real Presence by celebrating communion. Experiencing God is at the heart of our life together in The Vineyard and the practice of Communion is one significant way we realize that. We regularly gather together as a community to engage with God by the Spirit by faith. Participation in this worship practice of remembering God’s Son is transformative – we are formed  individually and together into a dynamic and living expression of the ongoing life of Jesus Christ.

Also called Eucharist (“Thanksgiving”), our breaking of bread together is much more than a mere ritual. It is a powerful way to both remember and proclaim Christ's life, death and resurrection. Sharing the bread and the cup is a transformational experience in which we remember, give thanks, and encounter God. Our spirits are fed as we pause to listen and focus on Jesus's words:

This is my body,…

This is my blood.

By faith we receive and treasure Christ crucified through this sacred meal that anticipates a greater transcendent meal - the wedding feast of the Lamb. As we eat the bread and drink the cup, we express adoration to King Jesus and invite His kingdom to come. Communion affirms our identity as a community of pilgrims, journeying toward a new heaven and a new earth.

It also reminds us of our larger fellowship which includes all of God’s people, past and present, and of God Himself. The Lord's Supper teaches us about God's love and the significance of God’s community – ours and worldwide.  This shared act of receiving Communion together imparts unifying and energizing grace to us for servant ministry. We participate in and reenact the drama of our redemption through Jesus's death on the cross. This holy meal is designed to help us experience

God's presence as we remember and celebrate the Lord’s death until he returns. 
Participating in Communion holds the powerful possibilities that our love for Christ and one another will increase, giving evidence that He is real and we are inspired to “go forth into the world rejoicing in the power of the Spirit!”

Scripture references for further study:

Matthew 26:26, Luke 22:19, I Corinthians 11:24, Revelation 3:20, 19:7, Acts 2:42, Luke 24:28-32